Get to Know Grappa

Our extensive wine list and a variety of premium cocktails have long been staples for Carmine’s on Penn. What you might not know is we also offer unique Italian liquors that are fun to taste and also create a nice finish to a big meal.

Similar to brandy, grappa is a byproduct of winemaking. After the grapes are pressed, the leftover skin, seeds and stems are distilled to make grappa. As with all alcohol, the flavor can vary depending on how long it’s been aged or what has been added.

Get to know the different categories and soon you’ll be ready to head to Carmine’s to try some for yourself!

  • Young – Bottled soon after production with no color as it is not stored or kept in barrels. Delicate aroma with a dry and clean taste.
  • Aged – Bottled after aging for many months in wooden barrels.
  • Riserva – Bottled after aging for over 18 months in wooden barrels. Has a darker color.
  • Aromatic – Grappa produced from aromatic grapes such as Moscato or Muscat. 
  • Aromatized – At the end of distillation, this grappa is infused with aromatic essence or added liqueur.

Good grappa can be hard to find, but at Carmine’s, we serve only the best. On your next visit, be sure to ask your server for a taste. You can even go the traditional Italian route and add it to espresso, which is called a Caffè Corretto. Saluti!