Westword Covers Our New Location

Westword included a bit about our new location in a recent article.



We’re Opening a New Location!

We are proud to announce an expansion opportunity to the Ballpark area of downtown Denver: “Carmine’s on McGregor Square!” We are honored to have been chosen to join this stunning property adjacent to Coors Field. Our neighbors in this project will be various retail establishments, office spaces, a hotel, condominiums, a food hall, sports bar and Denver’s local, American Italian immigrant family style restaurant, Carmine’s! We will be serving lunch and dinner seven days a week. Lunch will focus on individual portions of pastas, a selection of Little Carmine’s menu of sandwiches, salads, soup and sides. For dinner, you can expect your favorite menu items enjoyed over the years with some new additions. Carmine’s on McGregor Square joins the original Carmine’s on Penn (now celebrating 27 years in business) offering made to order, food to share in portions for two people or family size. Projected opening date on McGregor Square is slated for early May 2021.

See McGregor Square


Now Delivering!

Carmine’s on Penn has entered the delivery arena. We have partnered with Confluence Courier Collective (CCC), a local bicycle delivery company, to deliver our fresh food to you! CCC will speed your order to your door from Carmine’s on Penn. Our minimum is $25 per order and you will be charged a $4 delivery fee. See delivery area here. You may add gratuity for your courier at your discretion. Orders can be ready for courier by 5:30PM.

To order, call us at Carmine’s on Penn 303-777-6443


The “New” S Pennsylvania Street

South Pennsylvania Street has undergone a transformation. Gone are the homes and parking lots that used to be opposite Carmine’s on Penn.  In their place we have new residences and new businesses.  Wrigley on Penn is a condominium complex newly completed.  Some of our new neighbors are already at their new home.

The development also includes some new businesses.  Most notably, we have three new restaurant neighbors.  Uncle and American Grind are located on the ground floor of Wrigley on Penn and join our recent neighbor Rise and Shine Biscuit Kitchen.  Come see us and our new surroundings soon.



Carmines at Home

Scenario #1: You get home from work. Open the fridge. Last week’s leftovers staring you in the face. You just changed clothes and are not interested in going grocery shopping or even going out to grab a bite.

Scenario #2: You have friends visiting unexpectedly and you want to entertain, relax and chat in the comfort of your own home and there’s no time to go food shopping.

Introducing “Carmine’s at Home”. Think picking up a quart of house made marinara, box of dried pasta, Carmine’s proprietary grated Italian cheese blend, salad dressings or even a sandwich roll to toast in the oven, slathered with garlic and butter. A slice of Carmine’s cheesecake or cannolis for dessert. All that’s needed to complete the meal is a pot of water to cook the pasta and you’ve got yourself an easy, delicious and hassle free dinner.

You’ll find other signature items to enjoy at home: Bolognese sauce, Carmine’s house made salad dressings, quarts of smoked chicken salad from Little Carmine’s, olives, pepperoncini peppers, single servings of Carmine’s house, Caesar or Pear Salads, bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to name a few. Carmine’s at Home items available next door in the cooler at Little Carmine’s Italian Sandwich Shop 11am-7pm Tuesdays-Sundays.


Carmine’s 25th Birthday Celebration — Four Months and Counting!

We’ve been celebrating our 25th year in business ALL YEAR LONG! Four more months and counting to take advantage of some sweet prizes and specials. Join us soon. Make your reservation.


Ciao Down with Chef Eric


At Carmine’s on Penn, we pride ourselves on having the best staff in the business. That’s why we’re so thrilled to welcome a new head chef! Eric Seabolt joins the team as the master behind your favorite Carmine’s on Penn dishes. We asked him a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Carmine’s: You’re new to Carmine’s on Penn – welcome! What was your background before this?

Chef Eric: Most of my cooking background is in contemporary Mexican or Italian/American fine dining. I went to the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. After Graduating in 2007 I spent some time in Alaska before returning home to Cincinnati where I worked for two and half years before I landed my first chef de cuisine job at a restaurant called Nada. During my time with Nada, I also spent time working at an Italian restaurant called Boca.  After leaving Nada, I took a sous chef position at a contemporary American restaurant called Vida. Now, Carmine’s on Penn is my next adventure!

Carmine’s: What inspired you to become a chef?

Chef Eric: My grandparents were farmers, so they passed down a love and knowledge of food.  I didn’t realize until college that I was so passionate about food. I also enjoy the atmosphere of restaurants. I love food and cooking because of the continuous learning and sharing parts of yourself with other people.

Carmine’s: There are so many menu options at Carmine’s on Penn. If you had to pick a favorite, what would it be?

Chef Eric: We do have a lot of dishes on the menu here at Carmine’s. I would say the Pasta Alla Carmine’s because of how simple but great it is.

Carmine’s: Carmine’s on Penn has a pretty extensive wine list. If it were in stock, which wine would you recommend to a customer?

Chef Eric: Tormaresco “Boca di Lupo” Aglianico, 2011 vintage from Campania. I love medium-heavy to heavy bodied red wines. This selection is a good price point and very similar to a California Cabernet.

Carmine’s: When you’re not cooking, what’s an activity you enjoy?

Chef Eric: My favorite off-day activity is either playing disc golf or hiking in a park.

Carmine’s: Last question and probably the most important: What do you love most about Carmine’s on Penn?

Chef Eric: I love the family atmosphere! Being at work really makes me feel like I am at home.

Little Carmine’s Unveils New Menu

Since opening in 2013, not much has changed at the sister restaurant to Carmine’s on Penn – until now. Known for providing the Denver lunch crowd with made-to-order Italian sandwiches like Chicken Parmigiana and Spaghetti and Meatballs, Little Carmine’s has introduced an updated menu.

The new menu features four new sandwiches inspired by the Italian-American experience, including a Jersey Hoagie, NOLA Muffuletta, Chicago Beef and Pickled Veggie Hoagie – all served on freshly baked bread from the Carmine’s on Penn kitchen.

Brad Ritter, owner of Little Carmine’s and Carmine’s on Penn, has been developing and refining the new sandwiches for over a year, even traveling to Chicago’s Little Italy to seek out inspiration.

Ritter sees a growing demand for more fast-casual fare in the rapidly changing Speer neighborhood, saying, “We’ve been anticipating this growth for a while now, and we’re excited to provide our customers with more options, but still at a great value.”

Little Carmine’s sandwiches range from $6.95 to $13.95, with the option for half or full-size sandwiches. Salads and soups are also on the menu.

Little Carmine’s is located at 84 South Pennsylvania, adjacent to Carmine’s on Penn. Indoor and outdoor patio seating is available, and the restaurant also offers convenient online ordering for to-go orders at little.carminescolorado.com.


Get to Know Grappa

Our extensive wine list and a variety of premium cocktails have long been staples for Carmine’s on Penn. What you might not know is we also offer unique Italian liquors that are fun to taste and also create a nice finish to a big meal.

Similar to brandy, grappa is a byproduct of winemaking. After the grapes are pressed, the leftover skin, seeds and stems are distilled to make grappa. As with all alcohol, the flavor can vary depending on how long it’s been aged or what has been added.

Get to know the different categories and soon you’ll be ready to head to Carmine’s to try some for yourself!

  • Young – Bottled soon after production with no color as it is not stored or kept in barrels. Delicate aroma with a dry and clean taste.
  • Aged – Bottled after aging for many months in wooden barrels.
  • Riserva – Bottled after aging for over 18 months in wooden barrels. Has a darker color.
  • Aromatic – Grappa produced from aromatic grapes such as Moscato or Muscat. 
  • Aromatized – At the end of distillation, this grappa is infused with aromatic essence or added liqueur.

Good grappa can be hard to find, but at Carmine’s, we serve only the best. On your next visit, be sure to ask your server for a taste. You can even go the traditional Italian route and add it to espresso, which is called a Caffè Corretto. Saluti!